Earn with Avon

Earn Big With Avon

Our Team Will Help You All The Way.

Being part of an Awesome team will put you leaps and bounds ahead of many others how cool is that! very cool our team is excelling so if you are looking to make those changes you would like to make in life the journey towards your financial freedom stats here.

Interested please take a look at this video or see below for more details.

Step 1 - £500 per month / Step 1 - Leader 30 Reps doing £150 each, 5 serious doing £1,000 each plus you doing £1,000 group sales = £10,500

Set up your own online store and promote it

You sell £1,000 per campaign - 3 weekly

At first, investment usually equals profit as you build your customer base

Now find 5 people, who like you, will

sell £1,000 online and build a business

Loads will join just to do Avon with

their family and friends - about 6 to 1

Step 2 - £2,500 per month / Step 2 - Senior Leader, with you and 5 of your team doing step 1 group sales =  £47,500.  Retail only a small part, so income from commission.  Also new people would do well from Fast Start bonus

Help your 5 serious people do step 1 for themselves

Remember many more people will join to be Reps as Avon is so easy to sell

Step 3 - £14,000 per month Continue to work with all your

serious people and help them duplicate the next step.

Still not sure that's fine this video may answer some of

your unanswered questions


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