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Here are a just a few reasons for Joining Avon

Be your own boss

One of the very big attractions of working with AVON is that you can be your own boss. This means you can decide when, where, and how you want to work and how long you want to spend running your Avon business. Running your own business can bring independence, and peace of mind and give a real boost to your self-confidence and self-worth.

Even though you work for yourself, you are never alone. There will be your Sales Leader and a community of fellow Sales Representatives to guide and inspire you along the way.

Fit your work around your life

Family first, school, and social activities don’t always work nine to five; so why should you? Working with AVON means you may decide your own schedule and workload, which intern allows you to fit work in around the important things in your life. You can sell Avon at the school gates while picking up your kids or schedule deliveries on your way to work. You can pack up orders while catching up on favorite TV programs and make calls to customers while your little one naps. It’s your business you work it to suit you.

Is Avon just for women?

Absolutely not there are more Top earning men in Avon than women. Howard in the video below is a great example.

Earn 15% to 32% of your own sales

No need for a nine to five job with the new Avon Rewards Programme putting more money in Reps pockets.  Your commission is based on your sales in a quarter and your percentage is fixed for the whole of the following three months.  There are four quarters in a year – January, February and March is the Winter Quarter (Q1), April, May and June, our Spring Quarter (Q2), July, August and September, our Summer Quarter (Q3) and October, November and December is our Winter Quarter (Q4).  As a direct seller, what you earn is decided by you and the amount of time and passion you feel you can put into your business so the more you sell, the more you can earn – simple!  

Step 1:  Sell £800 worth of Avon products by handing out 50 brochures per week for 4 months and you’ll earn £250 per month.  After that reduce to 55 brochures per week.  Double the activity and you’ll earn £600 per month.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Step 2:  Show 3 – 5 people how to do Step 1 and repeat Step 2 yourself.  Step 3:  Show 4 – 6 people how to do Step 2 and repeat Step 3 yourself – you’ll earn £2,500 per month.  There are multiple income streams with Avon as we are a hybrid business.  With Avon, the sky’s the limit.  

When you join Avon, you’ll get your own online shop link and digital brochures link which you can share and promote 24/7 anywhere in the UK on social media. Avon despatches directly to the customer so you don’t need to handle the products, however, you still get paid a commission based on the amount of sales generated in a quarter.  The opportunities to grow your business on and offline are massive.

Smile and you are on your way

You do not need qualifications, sales experience, or transport to become an AVON rep, but enthusiasm and a big smile will help you go far. And you can join AVON with no upfront costs an excellent way to join a world-famous company, Avon, with no risk to you just endless possibilities.

Do you love people and socialising?  I bet you do

If you love people and would like to get to know your neighbors more and make lots of new friends, then AVON is for you. One of the most popular and effective methods to sell AVON products is door to door or by hosting parties at customers’ homes. Social media is a great way to direct customers to your online shop. We can and we will give you plenty of help and support we always strive to help those who want to grow their Avon business we are here for you all the way.

AVON is easy and enjoyable to sell

Selling AVON is fun and easy you will notice how Avon sells all by itself just share your brochures and online shop and digital brochure with friends, family, and colleagues, along with all social media channels to maximize your sales.

Will I be all alone on my Avon Journey?

No, you will never be alone on your Avon journey we are here all the way. Avon offers a fantastic amount of free training tools, how-to videos, and regular live zoom meetings to help you grow the Avon business you would like to have along with help from your BDM (business development manager). Wow as if this is not enough you will be part of our Achievers team we are probably one of the biggest groups of Avon reps and sales leaders if not the biggest which means Facebook pages full of interesting helpful information upline support from me and my upline Alison and Stephen Gaines My upline sponsors, Howard and Jane are the top dogs of the Achievers team and the host regular zoom meetings giving you all the latest news tips and tricks to grow your business there is just too much to say regarding the help and support but this vide will give you an inside into our Achievers team. In a nut shall not only are you Joining Avon you join the best group that offers incentives all year round such as trips to Canada. Please take a look at Howard’s referral video.

Howards Referal Video

Avon supporting great causes

AVON is committed to improving lives and making a real difference both nationally and in the local community. AVON supports the causes that matter most to women and its representatives, customers and associates have donated more than £22 million to date to domestic violence and breast cancer charities in the UK.

Fantastic Perks from Avon

When you join AVON you receive amazing discounts and early access to the latest products. Place orders over £87 in a campaign to get free products. For each campaign, AVON will also send you a copy of First Look, your very own Rep magazine featuring the latest product launches and exclusive Rep discounts on products, samples, and tools. As you grow your Avon business you will be happily surprised at the rewards you qualify as you grow. Never feel underappreciated as in a “normal” job. By selling AVON, you will build up a loyal customer base who will love the products and your personal service you will also build a relationship with your digital customers, in the same way, ensuring they always buy from you. AVON also offers career opportunities, such as building your own team of Representatives.

How do I apply to become an AVON Representative?

Click JOIN TODAY to start your AVON Journey with no up-front cost

​Simply fill in your details and you will be contacted within 24 hours to set up either a video call via Facebook Messenger, Google, or any other free video messaging platforms. You need to be over the age of 18 and have a photo ID, such as a passport or driving license, plus proof of address (utility bill) We can not set up your account until we have confirmed your contact details this is a legal requirement from Avon, it is a simple process we introduce ourselves which is great we get to meet each other and simply show your documents on the video call, all done!

We will then set up and open the account, you will be able to start sharing your online shop and digital brochure links straight away sharing your link with family and friends all over the UK on social media. meaning you can earn the second you join! We can give you set-up information for opening and setting up your online shop, or if you prefer my expert Alsion can do it with you. Your welcome pack will be sent out via Avon asap and we will send our own welcome pack via the post.

Thank you very much for your interest I am really looking forward to meeting and working with you on your

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